Hey Activists!

•Did you intend to visit savehudsonnh.ORG?

•When you force New Hampshire residents to commute to Massachusetts, are you going to pay their Massachusetts income taxes?

•Are you going to compensate them for their time and gasoline?

•When they cannot find a job, will you pay their living expenses?

•Do you look forward to getting stuck in Boston traffic?

•Do you think that a low traffic volume in front of your property is a right that belongs to residents who can afford a house on a quiet side street, when it does not belong to folks who live on a busier street? Do you think that day shift workers have a right to peaceful nights when night shift workers enjoy no such protection when they sleep during the daytime?

•If you don’t want more car traffic then why do you keep re-electing candidates who force builders to add parking lots, typically 17 parking spaces for every 10 apartments? Do you enjoy robbing persons who commute on foot or by bicycle?

•Protecting the environment requires abolishing zoning restrictions, so that folks can live closer to places where they can work, shop, or gather to drink alcohol, and then they can walk home. An apartment house with 100 apartments leaks far less heat than 100 single-family homes.

•What’s the matter? Are you afraid that working-class families, immigrants and Black folks will move into “your” neighborhood?

•Abolish zoning and immediately, there will be an abundance of new jobs in demolition and construction, and the glut of new housing will force rents down. Houses will become more affordable.

•Some property values will decline and the owners will incur a loss, much the way some persons lost when enslaved persons were emancipated and Confederate money became worthless.

•Let freedom ring!

Protect the Environment.
End the War on Walkers.

•If they have money for a street, they have money for a sidewalk.

•If they have money for traffic lights, they have money for crosswalk lights.

•On 23 February 2014, Robert DeRome was killed on West Hollis Street in Nashua because he had to walk in the street, with so much snow plowed onto the sidewalk. He is one of many such casualties in the War on Walkers. If they have money to plow the street, they have money to plow the sidewalk.

•Walking home, you are lucky to find a painted crosswalk, but when a freight train crosses the street, lights flash, bells clang and gates drop, to protect persons in cars, persons who matter.

•When you finally manage to get a paycheck without owning a car, that bank is closed, but the drive-up window is still open, for persons who matter. If they can keep the drive-up window open late, they can keep the lobby open late.

•It never even occurs to some potholes that they should give a fire truck about persons without cars.

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